walk in love. aluminum cuff

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We teamed up with Wildly Loved to create these one of a kind walk in love. cuff bracelets.  Available in brass and aluminum.

We use 1100 grade pure aluminum -- food grade, hypoallergenic,  tarnish free -- Perfect for those with sensitive skin.  It's even okay to get it wet.  Aluminum has been rated to have a lower rate of skin irritation than sterling silver and is very lightweight.

These bracelet cuffs are 6" long and 1/4" wide. The ends are nicely rounded,  creating a beautiful oval shape, for the most comfortable fit. The bracelet can be adjusted comfort.
Disclaimer: Aluminum is a soft metal, therefore repetitive bending could cause metal fatigue
Each bracelet is hand made with love. These hand stamped bracelets are unique and one of kind.   Because the letters are stamped by hand, they are not precisely aligned. You may notice the occasional hammer mark, or imperfect spacing; showing each piece as an exclusive.