Kumbaya Charcoal Women's Relaxed T-Shirt

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"Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya. Oh Lord, kumbaya."

Our Kumbaya design was inspired by the lyrics of the traditional religious song, commonly sung around a campfire. The words are a prayer for God to "come by here" and help us.

Women's Fit. 

50% Polyester // 25% Cotton // 25% Rayon // Made in Kenya // Printed in USA

Design By: T.J. Mousetis

About the Fit: Our softest material now in a relaxed fit for effortless style.  Fits a little looser than our standard women's t-shirt for that perfect relaxed look.

Sarah R.
Love the shirt, love the company!
Katie S.
love love love this tee. It's so comfy. The fit of this women's relaxed style is by far my favorite fit ever.
LeeAnne S.
I bought this t-shirt as a gift for my sister. However, I do own four or five walk in love t-shirts myself. We love them and they are so comfy. We both teach at public high schools, so it's a fun way to share our faith to with our students!