Most likely you’ve ended up here because you need help from a real human being. And that’s great! We have one of those. Lex is our customer service guru!

We are a very small team, so filling out this contact form really is the best way to contact us (not a Facebook message or Instagram comment). If what you need is to RETURN or EXCHANGE an item, or if you have any questions like “Where are your shirts made?”, “Can I intern for walk in love.?”, “Where do I put the discount code?”, “Do you have any more cats to giveaway?” or anything of that nature, please make sure you take a minute to check out our FAQs page… which will hopefully answer most of your questions. If not, go ahead a shoot us an email via this contact form. That’s what it’s here for.

* Please note that all sales are final with clearance items! *

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