Be Kind Embroidered Heart Raspberry Women's Fitted T-Shirt

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It seems like being kind is a lost art these days.  You open up any of your social feeds and you see people arguing about everything.  Don't vote for this person! Don't eat this kind of food! Don't shop at this company! Let's march, let's boycott, let's yell as loud as we can about EVERYTHING!

And we are guessing you find yourself just trying to stay out of the fray.  Just trying to live your life by following God, listening to Him, loving your husband, kids, friends, family, etc.  Be Kind is a simple message.  It's literally only two words but those two words pack a punch when they are lived out.

So, let's live them out.  Let's be kind in the midst of a loud, angry culture.  Let's be kind to our spouses, our boyfriends, our loved ones.  Let's be kind to our kids and teach them to be kind to other kids.  Let's be kind to people on the other side of issues.  We want you to be reminded of how powerful kindness is everytime you wear this shirt.  Being kind to others has the power to win lost souls and bring hearts to Christ.

Be kind today.

Designed by T.J. Mousetis

  • Women’s Fitted
  • 52% Cotton // 48% Polyester
  • Short sleeves
  • Crew neck
  • Runs small
  • Made in India
  • Printed in USA

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