The Lord Is My Helper - VRSLY Devotional - 10.05.17

Hebrews 13:6 says, "So we can say with confidence, "The LORD is my helper, so I will have no fear.."

Last week, my 2 year old daughter fell to the floor, with relentless tears and drama, because the cookie (homemade, mind you) that I’d just given her had broken in half and she was heartbroken. At first I smiled at her, took her picture to text to my family of course, and then knelt down to meet her in her despair. But as you might expect from a 2 year old, she didn’t want my help. A good five minutes later she was still upset, and I found myself quite frustrated that she was so frustrated! “It’s just a cookie!” I thought, as I shoved my second cookie of the morning into my mouth.

But that’s when I felt a little nudge from God that said, “I am your helper, you can say that with confidence.” So, I said a short prayer asking for God’s help in what felt like such a silly circumstance, and approached my daughter again to offer a solution to her crumbling cookie problem. She sat up and we worked through her problem quite easily by this point. Bless her.

I was left thinking about how I don’t ask for help, or know that I already have help, in daily situations like that. I often feel as though Hebrews 13:6 doesn’t apply to me in my "daily life moments." Sure, I believe the Lord is my helper if I were to do something extraordinary - like run a marathon or sing in front of thousands on TV (neither of which I ever plan to do, btw)… but, I don’t speak with confidence over myself that the Lord is my helper when I’m overwhelmed with my to-do list, or trying to help a crying toddler off the floor.

Today, my challenge to you, and myself, is to remember that we already have a helper, and we should have no fear. This we can say with confidence.

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  • Megan love

    Hi Brooke,

    I just wanted to say thank I truly found your devotional to be incredibly beautiful and I really enjoyed it. I have been saved since 2008 and it has been such a journey I have really hassle to learn to rely on Jesus for everything. You see I have Chronic Neurological Lyme disease and three dangerous co infections so I am faced daily with some very scary things. I used to never have a care in the world I was going to University and just knew I could do everything myself. I did well in school and I worked hard. I didn’t “need” any help then at 19 my life completely changed I became so sick so fast it made my head spin. I didn’t know Jesus I didn’t know what was happening I wasn’t diagnosed for 8 years and suddenly everything was in my mind being taken away from me. I couldn’t sleep I could barely function, I couldn’t drive all of these things I suddenly needed help for. I needed help to remember things…it was so dark and then I met someone who knew Jesus and at this point I was so depressed and so dark and exhausted I remember he kept taking about being saved and I didn’t hear anything he said I just kept staring at his light this pure light and I caught the word Jesus and he mentioned the book mere Christianity by C.S Lewis I was so desperate I thought okay I will read the book and then I will regain control over my life again I will save myself. As I started to read the book tears fell down my face I knew nothing of Christianity but as I was reading the book I realized all of the things I believed in so deeply my whole life all of th things that made me so different than others and made me feel like an outsider. Others felt that way. It was all in this book so the next weekend when my same friend invited me to Church I jumped at the opportunity we went I didn’t understand anything the Pastor said but at the very end of the sermon he asked anyone who wanted to be saved to please stand and we all had our heads bowed and I remember someone yanked me up and suddenly I was standing. I opened my eyes furious that someone thought they had the right to grab me. Everyone else had their heads bowed and were praying. I now know it was the Holy Spirit so I still didn’t understand but I knew I needed help but time and for the first time in a long time I didn’t feel such fear so I went to the front and gave my life to Jesus and I have been growing in my relationship every day since. I now know no matter how bad things get and believe me they do become so scary. Just yesterday I had a mini seizure and my mama and I had to decide is this an ER day or can we ride it out and I just closed my eyes and whispered Jesus guide me help me save me and He let me know it’s okay love we will get through this so I knew even though my body was screaming in pain-it would be okay so I told my mama no we have this. Jesus has me. This is how I spend everyday. I fight for my life and Jesus saves me and helps me whether it’s help to make sure I don’t fall when I take a shower or something bigger like will I make it through the night when I cannot properly breathe. I hope what I wrote made sense. I am just so in love with Jesus and enjoy learning to try my best to not fear and to lean in Him and cling to Him through all of the darkness. So thank you for sharing your challenge it is one I live by every moment of every day and I just want you to know how much I love walk in love now I can’t work and all of my parents money goes out to treatments and keeping me alive pretty much so I am not able to buy all of the beautiful pieces I wish I could but one of my friends did buy me a couple of shirts a while back and I cannot tell what they mean to mean to me. To put them on it helps to remind me to keep fighting. I have the lion tee, never give up, seek light ones and I enter all of your contests I haven’t won but that is okay I know that God helps you choose whoever is meant to win. I’m only telling you this so you know what a huge fan I am and that if I had it my way I would definitely buy many of your shirts my gosh the grace, and the freedom and be brave ones are just amazing. I just appreciate what’s you all do so much and I hope one day to be better and maybe one day I will have some money of my own and I can buy some of my own walk in love shirts. Again I am only telling you because I am a huge fan and I am thankful for what you do. I believe in Jesus’ and the notion of walking in love is my life! I try my hardest to do it every minute I still have on this earth. So thank you guys and I will always be such a big fan and again one day when I have money I will definitely be buying some beautiful tee shirts. God bless you and your family and again thank you for your beautiful devotional and all that you guys do?? megan

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