Make Your Own Flower Crown!

Our sweet neighbors next to walk in love.'s new studio at SUPPLY brought us a welcoming bouquet to our Grand Opening this past weekend. We couldn't let those beautiful blooms go to waste, so constructing a flower crown was high on the priority list this week. 

Making flower crowns is surprisingly simple and happens to be quite therapeutic. Any task involving flowers is pretty stress-free. You can make a crown of any size - big and bold or dainty and delicate. All you really need is a pretty selection of flowers and some wire to hold it together! 


Materials :

- Flowers of choice

- Floral wire

- Wire cutter or scissors

- Tape measure

- Strong adhesive glue (optional)

Directions :

1. Begin by measuring the size of your (or your friends) crown. Use a tape measure to cut three pieces of wire to that length. Twist the wire together to create a strong base.

2.  Cut smaller sections of wire to attach the flowers to the wire base. Adhere by twisting small pieces of wire around flower stem and wire base.

3. Try on the crown to assess what adjustments need to be made. Use a scissors to snip away any stray pieces. Fill in gaps with a dab of glue and small flowers or greenery. 



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