FRI-DIY : T-Shirt Tassel Keychain DIY

It's Fri-DIY! Today, we are sprucing up our keys for summer with a blush Breathe keychain and a mini tassel made from a cut-up tee! This do-it-yourself is super simple and most likely you have everything to make it at home. All you need is a scissors, hot glue, and an old t-shirt. 


1. Find an old T-shirt in one of your favorite colors and choose this as the material for your keychain.

2. Using sharp scissors, or fabric scissors, slice off 4 to 8 inches along the bottom of your T-shirt. Remove and discard the hem if it doesn't stretch as easily as the rest of your material.

3. Slice through your piece of T-shirt to make one long strip, disconnecting the loop. You can then cut your long strips of material into several smaller pieces, if you would like to make multiple smaller keychains - or leave it as one giant piece and make one mega keychain! Fold your material in half lengthwise.

4. Fold your material in half lengthwise. Slice from the raw edge up towards the folded edge creating a fringe. Repeat for the length of your material.

5. Open your friend up so the solid piece is running through the middle, with fringe on both sides.

6. Starting at one and begin to roll up your fringe the entire length of the material.

7. Once rolled, fold in half creating a loop about the size of your finger. Wrap one piece of fringe around the base of your loop, tie or hot glue secure.

8. Attach to keychain and enjoy!


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