DIY Raw Neck Tee

DIY Raw Neck T-Shirt via walk in love.

I have always felt that the easiest DIY posts are the best. The ones that make you go, "Now why didn't I think of that?" And I'm pleased to say that this project is one of them. 😊

Last Christmas, I grew tired of wearing my walk in love. tees the same way all the time, and realized that I kept choosing two shirts to wear over and over and over again. When I realized that both of those shirts were our "raw neck tees", meaning that there is no collar, but instead a slightly wider raw neckline, I thought to myself, "I should just cut the collar off my other shirts and make them all raw necklines!" So, I did. And they're always my favorite ones to wear.

Personally, I prefer the fit of our unisex tees (mostly because of the longer sleeves) and now that I've added a raw neckline to most of mine, I have so many to choose from every morning.

DIY raw neck t-shirt via walk in love.

DIY Raw Neck Tee

  • Your favorite walk in love. tee
  • Sharp scissors
  • Bravery


Grab your favorite walk in love. t-shirt and a pair of sharp scissors. Preferably fabric scissors, or a pair that hasn't been used on paper a whole lot. Start by cutting into the collar on the top shoulder seam, and slice through just far enough so you reach the outside of the color hem. Then, turn your scissors and start to cut just along the collar's edge. I would highly suggest you cut the collar off right along it's natural edge. It will be wider than you think! You can always cut another section off, to make it wider, if you feel it's not as open as you'd like!

Once you've cut off the collar, give the neckline a nice stretch and it'll curl a bit, which helps hide any jagged edges from your scissors. And that's it! So simple!

TOTAL TIME: 10 Minutes, or less. Honestly, you'll probably spend more time searching for sharp scissors than cutting the actual shirt. 😂

DIY raw neck t-shirt via walk in love.DIY raw neck t-shirt via walk in love.DIY raw neck t-shirt via walk in love.DIY raw neck t-shirt via walk in love.DIY raw neck t-shirt via walk in love.


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