Hipster Yard Sale 2


Last year we had our first Hipster Yard Sale and it was a huge success!  We are bringing it back and we need your help!  


Here is how it works!
1. Clean out your stuff that you never wear or use. 
2. Fill up a box.
3. Bring the box into the walk in love. Lancaster store
4. Get a 25% coupon
5. Buy a new shirt!
6. Come to the Yard Sale and find some cool things!


We all have too much stuff and it feels good to clean it out so why not clean it out and help walk in love. and Compassion International! 


Here are some photos from our last Hipster Yard Sale!

If you want to get a sneak peek at what we will be selling follow @hipsteryardsale on Instagram! See you there! - T.J.

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