Meet Kali

Every Friday I am going to introduce you to someone on the team. It won’t be a list of fun facts about them, but instead it will be written from the perspective of the boss. Enjoy!

One day I got an e-mail from Kali explaining that she needed to do an internship for high school and wanted to do it at the walk in love. store.  After working at our store for  few months to fulfill her internship requirements, I knew that she would be a great addition to our team.  The best thing about Kali is her amazing attitude despite the circumstances!  No matter what is going on she is always positive and pumped up about life.  It's an awesome way to live and exactly what we are all about at walk in love.  Kali is also, as of late, a long board addict so if you want someone to go long boarding with you, or teach you a thing or two, let Kali know and she will be happy to help!

This week we are giving away a free shirt by following Kali on Instagram. Follow her here – @kaliheller // Contest Ends 7/4/13


  • Mariah Keener

    Do I win a prize for being her friend for years?? ;) Kali as you said, is absolutely amazing and you guys are blessed to have her on your team!!! I’m glad that she’s found a great job with you guys! Thanks for treating my friend right :)

  • Lori Brady

    Kali has been a walking billboard for walk in love! She loved your store before you ever hired her. Everything you said about her is absolutely true too. She has the most amazing attitude toward life. Love that girl!!

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