Meet Maddy

Every Friday I am going to introduce you to someone on the team. It won’t be a list of fun facts about them, but instead it will be written from the perspective of the boss. Enjoy!

Maddy is one of our newer team members that was hired specifically for walk in love. Stone Harbor.  To be totally honest I don't know Maddy that well.  She was the younger sister of a bride that Jeff shot and that's how I was introduced to her one day in the Lancaster store.  As soon as we posted that we were looking for a couple new team members she applied for every position we had.  After our hiring event our current team just raved about how much they liked her and kept referring to her as "the cute one with the hair" so she was in!  Things that impress me about Maddy are she has a lot of joy and passion about life and she seems a lot older than she is. Those are traits that would make any boss happy!

After one of her first shifts I received an e-mail that made me super excited she is on our team.  It read as follows:

It's Scott from LCBC Emerge. I just wanted to tell you how
much we enjoyed shopping at your store yesterday. Maddy did a great
job representing your brand. Hope the store does well. We'll help
spread the word!


This week we are giving away a free shirt by following Maddy on Instagram. Follow her here – @moberholtzer // Contest Ends 6/27/134

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