Meet Laura

Every Friday I am going to introduce you to someone on the team. It won’t be a list of fun facts about them, but instead it will be written from the perspective of the boss. Enjoy!

Laura is our newest team member!  I met Laura when Brooke and I were shooting her older sisters wedding.  She was a super fan of Brooke Courtney Photography so she was really excited to meet us, which Brooke and I always find so funny.  We are just normal people.  She was so likable from the moment we met her and by the end of the wedding Brooke and I were joking with her and secretly discussing how we wanted to use her in photos.  Flash forward a couple months and she appeared in our Verses pt. 1 look book!  A few months after that she applied to intern for Brooke Courtney Photography to which we immediately said, "Yes!"  We also decided to offer her a job at walk in love. so she could work for us in two places!  After a few weeks of interning and working in the store I already have two nicknames for her - Giggles and The Question Queen.  She is a great worker and all of her questions come out of a desire to do her job the best she can which I absolutely love!  The walk in love. team is lucky to have her!


This week we are giving away a free shirt by following Laura on Instagram. Follow her here – @lauratileston // Contest Ends 6/20/13

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  • Laura Tileston

    You are guys are the best. I’m so grateful and lucky that I get to work for walk in love. and spend time with ya’ll in the BCP office. This was a dream that seemed too good to be true last summer, and now I’m livin’ it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the opportunities you’ve given me.

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