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Seriously. You guys are awesome. Every time I look through the #walkinlove feed I get so excited about how many people are out there living their lives, wearing our shirts. It's so cool. What an amazing and positive testimony to those around us. I love it!

Here's a handful of my favorite images that I grabbed from our hashtag. It's so fun seeing how everyone wears their tees and what they're doing while wearing them.

Have a great Monday and check back tomorrow for a wonderful WIL inspired DIY post. (That being a walk in love. inspired do-it-yourself project.) Ohh! And don't forget to keep tagging your photos #walkinlove on Instagram. We love it!

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  • Stacey Villarreal

    Please please please tell me how to order your secret message I love you tees. Can I call a store and order one. I cannot seem to find it online.

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