We are opening a 2nd Store!!

We are so excited to announce that walk in love. is opening it's second store April 2013 in Stone Harbor, NJ!!
Here are the reasons we are excited:
1. It's another store - which means that our reach to tell people about the love of Christ grows, both to the people who live in Stone Harbor, but also to the millions of people who go on vacation there and the surrounding areas!
2. It will allow us to sell even more shirts! Which will allow us to give even more money to non-profits. (Over $15,000 donated since the first store opened.)
3. It allows us to grow our team and provide jobs that will help our economy! (Over $45,000 paid to our employees since the first store opened.)

Pray that God will guide us to make the right choices and have the right words to speak to all the new people we will meet!

We have talked with some of our friends and have come up with four custom shirts that will only be available via pre-order to help raise money for the second store!
Seas by Matt Greiner
Matt Greiner plays drums for the Pennsylvania based band August Burns Red. He travels all over the world showing the love of Christ through his gift.
This tee is based on Jonah 2:3
Pre-Order Shirt Here.
Love God Love Others by Kelly Moore Clark
Kelly Moore Clark is the founder and designer of Kelly Moore Bag, a handbag company that offers chic, multi-functional bags for men and women. As a professional photographer, Kelly was constantly searching for a stylish camera bag-and found the market lacking. Her solution was to create a bag that combines functional design, classic shapes, and vivid colors. The company is based in rural Louisiana, where Kelly works and resides with her husband and two daughters.
Pre-Order Shirt Here.
Take Heart by El Clinto
El Clinto is a designer living in Redding, California where he works as a Creative Director for his church by day and slings design for non-profits, movements and ministries by night at his company Difted.
This tee is based on Psalm 27.
Pre-Order Shirt Here.
Stone Harbor Original by walk in love.
Pre-Order Shirt Here.
Last year we sold buttons with our team's faces on them and this year we are selling stickers! All proceeds from the stickers will go toward the new store in Stone Harbor!


  • www.heartychowder.com

    Inspiring! Love the designs too!

  • tamara

    Praying for you! Watched your 1st launch on Indiegogo! So happy for you to leap to another location!

  • Deb

    Congratulations! Very exciting news – we love your store:).

  • Rochelle Murray

    Great place to open a WIL store!!!

  • fluffylady

    I love the store… but you need the shirts to be in 2xl and 3xl too.. fluffy people love to walk in love too

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