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The other day I was laying in bed checking Facebook on my phone and a friend was recommending Benjamin Dunn's new album. I scrolled down and saw another friend with the same recommendation, and then another and another. It was right before bed so I turned off my phone and went to sleep. When I woke up I started reading my Bible and after I was finished I remembered all the glowing recommendations from my friends. So, I put on my head phones and started previewing the songs on my phone. I was only about ten seconds into previewing a song before I hit the "purchase album" button on my screen.

Fable is a beautiful album with powerful messages of God's great love and faithfulness. It's a record that you can listen to and just feel passion, love and forgiveness through every line, note and melody. It's a worship album without being a typical worship album. Benjamin doesn't just sing the same lines over and over, but instead has hand crafted intimate lyrics that speak of God's great love. If you want a new favorite album walk in love. recommends this one.

Currently my favorite song off the album is "When We Were Young." But, it keeps changing with every spin. -T.J.

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  • Sara

    Do you know where I can purchase this album now?

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