Style [3] with Kelsey

Kelsey's back for her third style post and this one might be my favorite yet! I want to wear all of these outfits right now!!! She and I had so much fun last night shooting these looks. We were racing to beat the setting sun, and I'm pretty sure my neighbors think we're total weirdos because we kept running by their house in different outfits in every six minutes. Good times!




Model: Kelsey Harley // Photos by: Brooke Courtney // "Stroll on the Boardwalk" Look - How Marvelous, How Wonderful Silver Tee (walk in love.), Neon Skirt (H&M), Nude Heels (Charlotte Russe), Scout Wallet Clutch (walk in love.) // "Dinner with Friends" Look - Nude Glasses (walk in love.), Steel Blue Original (walk in love.), Swallow Skirt (H&M), Grey & White Bangle (Vintage), Maroon Felted Bangle (walk in love.), Sparkly Flats (Bakers) // "Night at the Drive In" Look - Be Imitators V-neck (walk in love.), Spotted Pants (H&M), Black Suede Heels (Target), Owl Ring (walk in love.) // "Day Trip to the City" Look - Color Block Earrings (walk in love.), Dijion V-neck (walk in love.), Red Belt (Forever21), Blue Skirt (H&M), Sandals (Bakers)

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  • Joyce Courtney

    Really good ideas. Adorable! : )

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