T-Shirt Plant Hanger // DIY


T-Shirt Plant Hanger // DIY

This is a really simple DIY project for any crafter - all you need to be able to do is tie knots! Have fun with it!


1. Gather your supplies. Larger sized tees always work best... but anything will work.

2. Cut along the edges of the tee.

3. Cut off the sleeves.

4. Cut along the top shoulder seam.

5. Cut off the upper third of the tee - from one armpit seam to the next. (Set aside all extra fabric for future projects!)

6. Fold your piece of fabric in half and cut- now you have two pieces.

7. Fold your two pieces in half again and cut. Now you have four pieces.

8. Repeat again - now have eight pieces (strips) of fabric. Pull tightly on the ends of the fabric to stretch it out. The fabric will start to curl on the edges - that's ok!

9. Line up the bottom edges of your strips and tie into one big knot.

10. Gathering two strips at a time, tie them into a knot about 2 inches above your base knot. Repeat until you have four knots.

11. Now, splitting apart the strips you just knotted together, tie four new knots, connecting one strip from one knot to another strip from another knot. (see Step 13 for a better photo)

12. If you want to get fancy with the remaining strips like we did, twist the fabric around itself (for about 5 inches) and knot off at the top.

13. Admire your handy work!

Add your flower pot into the center - pot a flower or plant - hang on your deck or in your bedroom - and enjoy!





  • Dianne Spink

    I am a cancer patient trying to start a hobby with plants. And pretty hanger.easy to start with. Please send me what you can on information. Thank you so much. From Ontario, Canada

  • Lyn

    ? that you numbered your tutorial to your pics. Sooo helpful. I am a beginner Diyer and am starting to make my apartment a home. I couldn’t afford to do it without the sharing of experienced diy people.

    Thank you

  • Heather

    very nice….did it all and more in the seventies…called it Macramé then, could be very fancy.

  • Nanci Hobbs Johnson

    How do you tie off the top to hang it?

  • Sarika

    Great idea and tutorial!

    Suggestion – Please highlight in the text notes that the t-shirt should be cut along one edge only. If somebody were not looking at the pictures they may end up cutting it along both edges and end up with shorter strands.

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