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Original Long Sleeve Gray Tee

Today starts a mini-series within the How To Wear It, Wednesday posts - for the next 7 weeks we'll be featuring each of our 7 employees one by one. All of this is leading up to our store's 1st Birthday Party, which will be held at the end of April. (Stay tuned for some super awesome birthday plans!)

I'm thrilled to kick off our employee mini-series with Gina, looking stylish as always. I mean seriously, she's cute. And little. And cute. Anyway...

Enjoy today's post, featuring our Original Long Sleeve Tee! How do you wear it?




If you have a styled outfit you’d like to submit for How To Wear It, Wednesday, please email your photos to, titled “How To Wear It Submission”. You must feature at least three (3) walk in love. items, or three (3) items that can be purchased in our store in your submission. If your outfit is chosen for a blog post, I will contact you with details and set up a time to shoot your look. Thanks!

Photos by: Brooke Courtney


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