2011 // A Year In Review

Please take a few minutes to check out the video below, a recap of walk in love.'s adventures in 2011. Also, if you have a pair of nice headphones, slap those on! The video sounds better with 'em. Enjoy! And here's to all the adventures to come in 2012.



Video + Editing: Brooke Courtney Photography /// Music by: Jonsi (We Bought A Zoo Soundtrack)


  • T.J. Mousetis

    Thank you so much!

  • Sheri Pacitto

    Congrats! I love your concept. Please bring a store to San Diego….downtown in Lil’ Italy or the Gaslamp. Or…better yet…every mall in the country.

  • Mike Mousetis

    that was freakin awesome!!!

  • Drew Kramer

    You guys are rad. Excited for what 2012 brings! Honored to be a part of an incredible team of people.

  • Mercifultam

    I have wanted to get to your store for months….this makes me want to get there sooooonnn!  Great job guys of speading the news of His love

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