New New New!

We are happy to announce 5 new designs to add to the walk in love. shirt family. They are available online and in store. We are also super excited to bring you walk in love. back packs just in time for back to school shopping. They are super simple, american made backpacks with a sewn on walk in love. tag. Tell us what you think!




*Our cat Leo was helping us do some of the product photography.


  • Laurie Hornberger

    I love Leo!  I saw the pics of your other cats, too.  I think Penny would get along great with our cat Crusoe.  I say he’s bipolar!  He drives our other kitty crazy!  He pulls away from you when you try to hold him just like Penny does.  They’d probably make sweet meows together!   

  • Laurie Hornberger

    Love the new stuff!  

  • Luke Skywater

    is the cat for sale?

  • T.J. Mousetis

    Never…he is so helpful that the business would crumble without him.

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