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Ugmonk Collaboration

Hey Everyone,

walk in love. clothing is proud to announce a collaboration shirt with Ugmonk. Basically, we love anything that Ugmonk does and we were so excited when Jeff, the founder, said that he would love to do a shirt with us. All of his designs are amazing and we are thrilled with how his collaboration shirt turned out.


Please make sure to visit the
Ugmonk site and pick up a few of his amazing shirts.


The shirt is for sale in the walk in love. clothing store or at the Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA. Jeff receives a portion of every shirt we sell.



Photos by Brooke Courtney Photography



  • Lain3

    I love Jeff Sheldon’s work, and this new design does not disappoint at all! Not only that, but this is one of my FAVORITE biblical concepts! Thanks guys, I’ll be picking mine ups soon!

  • Gerald Allison

    wow, who designed this? Oh, this is Ugmonk? This is really good!

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