The New Line is Here!







The new fall line is finally here.  We've been working hard to photograph, count and fold all the amazing new shirts.  Brooke Courtney and Gabby the stylist have done an amazing job at styling models and shoots for our new look book.  It is going to be amazing.  Hopefully we will get that in print and online by late November.

So check out the walk in love. online store to see all the great new photos and great new products, or if you live near Lancaster, PA come visit us at Park City Mall in the JC Penney wing!


  • Peter Tatarinov

    Pink car thing is stylish, so is Berlin blue (or whatever that color is called!) one. Good job!

  • Gavinslandscaping

    the girl in the black shirt and the camera is b-e-a-utiful!!! :D

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