Brooke Courtney Collaboration II

Hey Everyone,

This summer we collaborated with Brooke Courtney Photography to create our Blossom t-shirt. The shirt has been a huge hit so we are expanding our collaboration with Brooke Courtney this fall. We have narrowed our selection to 4 drawings and we want your input on which one we should print next.

Here are the 4 drawings. Make sure you vote for the one you love and also leave us a comment telling us why!


Drawing #1: Girl

Drawing #2: Fingerprint

Drawing #3: Traffic Light

Drawing #4: Part Lion

[polldaddy poll="3692841"]


  • Zhenya

    I like fingerprint!

  • T.J. Mousetis

    Good point JCPJ!

  • Mom Mousetis

    I like the fingerprint…we are all unique in God’s eyes.

  • J.S.

    Love the fingerprint graphic.

  • Julia

    Traffic Lights Traffic Lights! Because I love transportation (obviously) and it makes me think of the city…aaaand…I would probably buy one! So that’s an incentive right there, eh!?

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