walk in love. clothing photo contest!






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Here are the photo contest entrees. Voting Closes August, 13 @ midnight! Tell your friends to vote for you so you can win 3 shirts!

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  • 19 say it all…smile and a heart… warms the heart

    Nancy on
  • is the best, vote for her!!! :)
    Trisha Stauffer on
  • Picture shows real sister love. Knowing these two is even better…Knowing them is loving them.

    Jim Snavely--WBTX on
  • definitely number 8 its by far the best!

    Mary Hostetler on
  • I love picture #8. She is beautiful.

    Nikki B on
  • Great photos. Great message. Rock on!

    Jeeves Chubley on
  • My vote is #18 :)

    Jenny on
  • i think # 19 is amazin not 14 :)

    Jaci Brown on
  • is by far the best overall!
    Sarah on
  • just looks the best to ‘walk in love’ with the girl’s almost-laughing smile, that’s what it’s all about! is pretty great,too.
    Karen Matroni on

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