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Bandanas to Mongolia

This week my dad and brother are leaving for a two week trip to Mongolia to teach kids american sports and to tell them about the love of Jesus. Walk in love. clothing has donated screen printed bandanas to hand out to the kids. While we don't print our large orders of t-shirts we do print smaller quantity items like these bandanas. Enjoy the photos and if you can remember to pray for my dad and brother they would certainly appreciate it!


  • joycecourtney

    these are super cool! and i love your kind heart.

  • Brooke


  • Mom Mousetis

    God bless you T.J. Thanks you so much! I know the kids will love the bandannas in Mongolia and Siberia.

  • Samantha

    Kriknee!! [holler.]

  • Heidi Ahnert

    I’m sure the kids will love the bandanas as a reminder of the message your dad and brother are bringing them. God Bless! They will be in our prayers!

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