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Adam // #iwearwalkinlove


Name:  Adam Bradley

Age: 32

What’s your schooling/occupation?  I wear many different hats.  My time is shared between my sales job, sports platforms and leadership programs.   I love them all in their own unique ways. 


Hobbies/Interests:  I love blogging, public speaking, working on my MacBook at local coffee shops, playing ball and loving my wife. 

Three random facts about you: I’ve hosted a charity golf event for 100+ people each of the past 9-years.   I once wore New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick’s iconic gray hooded sweatshirt out for lunch in DC.  I put on a hat every time I get out of the shower for about 10-15 minutes.   For fun, I’ll throw in a 4th, I just launched a personal site at:


What’s your style:  I’m an 80/20 guy.  80% of the time I’m wearing jeans, a fresh t-shirt, sneakers and a hat.  The other 20% I’m in dress clothes & wingtips.  I don’t venture off to far with my fashion, primarily sticking with the same colors & styles.  When you have a full schedule, you can’t waste time trying to decide what to wear, you just have to go with what works.

Instagram Name:  @ABradley_5 and Twitter: @ABradley5


What do you love about Walk In Love?   Where do I begin?  First off, I love the message of the company so therefore I want to support it.  Secondly, I love the authentic nature of TJ & Brooke.  They’re so real & genuine and you can feel that through their brand.  Lastly, I’m a t-shirt snob who loves a nice t-shirt, Walk In Love t-shirts are easily the most comfortable t-shirt I’ve ever worn.  That would explain why I have a dozen of them in my closet.

*And shout-out to my guy Adam Harrington for introducing me to WIL… follow his lead and introduce WIL to one of your friends!

Adam is wearing our Encourage Somebody, Iron Sharpens Iron and (Vintage) Big Walk tee!
*Photos by Samantha Bradley.


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