One Month of June

One Month of June

I have challenged myself the last two weeks to write some thoughts on parenthood. Today we celebrate June's first month of life, so I thought it was the perfect day to share a few things I have learned. Since our society isn't capable of reading anything that isn't in a list, I will make this a list post. Try not to just scroll through and read the bullet points, but actually read the whole thing :)

1. It's Awesome!
I have looked forward to being a dad since the day Brooke and I got married. But, I had no idea how awesome it would actually be! I absolutely love every second of it. Yes, even at 3am I love it! Yes, even when June has crapped in my hands, I love it! Yes, even when it seems like all she wants to do is cry, I love it! It's awesome! Don't let anyone tell you differently and believe me they will. You'll hear things like,

"Oh, you just wait."

"Enjoy your sleep while you can."

"Your life will never be the same..."

To which I want to answer...

"I am waiting. It will be 9 months before she gets here."

"I've enjoyed sleep since the day I was born, I don't plan to change that."

"I know. That was the idea. We wanted to be parents and for our lives to change, so we're having a baby."

People love being negative about what a baby does to your life and I just don't get it, because I think it's awesome. This isn't me over romanticizing life either, I truly think it's awesome! Come hang out at my house for a day and you won't ever here me complain about June being here.

2. Women are amazing.
This isn't a new thought for me. I have always thought this. I have an amazing, talented, strong, beautiful wife. I have a hard working, wonderful, kindhearted mom. I have amazing sisters and I have had some really great friends and employees that are women. But, HOLY MOLY! After seeing Brooke give birth and go through a month of breastfeeding, I am totally 100% convinced that men could NEVER do it! Women are absolutely amazing.

3. Attitude is everything.
There are some very challenging things about having a newborn because, the thing about newborns is, they can't talk. They have no way to tell you, "I have bad gas." or "WHERE IS MY PACIFIER?" So they just cry as you play the quickest guessing game trying to find out which end hurts or where you left the pacifier for the 300th time.

"Try taking her clothes off."

"Maybe she is wet."

"Try burping her."

"Maybe she is hungry"

"When is the last time she pooped?"

"What day is it?"

Through these fits it's important to remember that attitude is everything. Brooke is still my wife and no matter how frustrated I might be that my baby is fussy, I need to remember that it is no reason to snap at Brooke or get frustrated with her. We must ride out the wave of having an infant and enjoy the ride regardless of where it's taking us. Also, we have a pretty awesome baby and she isn't very fussy very often.

4. This is not a one person job.
To all the single parents out there, most of which are moms, you are amazing! God did not create infants to be taken care of by one person. It is a two person job and I am sorry you have to go at it alone. To all the parents who are deadbeats and have left their wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend to do this alone, you suck.

5. How deep the Father's love for us.
Wow! I love June! I say it to her hundreds of times a day, but I show her thousands of times. I show her when I change her diaper, feed her, burp her, hold her, kiss her, sing to her, dance for her, love her mom, wash her clothes, wash her bottles, pick out her outfits, take her photo, give her a bath, comb her hair, put her hat on and wash her pacifier.

And while I do it all, I say something to my little Junebug over and over again, "You won't remember this, but I will."
How many things has God done for me that I will never be able to remember or count? How many breaths and heartbeats have I been given because of God's love that I am unaware of. The amount of love God has poured out on me is endless. I can love June to the very best of my ability every second of every day and it is still just a drop of water in the ocean of God's love for every single person that has ever exist and will ever exist.
June is teaching me that lesson daily. Even as I type and she squirms next to me, I know that as much as I love her God loves me more!

6. Work it out girl.
June was having a bad day yesterday. She hadn't pooped in a few days and her stomach was a little upset. So, I sat with her and rubbed her belly to try and work it out. She was not happy about this and squirmed, kicked and cried as I applied light pressure to her tiny stomach. After a few minutes a fart escaped, then another, and another and another. I am assuming she felt some relief but still was not happy that I was trying to help her work something out. So, I continued to rub as she squirmed andfussed, until... well, lets just say I struck gold! <insert happy poop emoji> A few wipes later June laid in my arms as content as I have ever seen her.
As her Dad I knew that she just needed to work through the pain to get to a place of peace, joy and contentment. Ignoring it would have made things worse. She would have been fussier and in more pain because of it. How many times do we try to ignore the pain in our life that God is trying to help us work through? Does ignoring it ever work out? Meanwhile, He is watching us saying, "Let me rub your belly a little and help you work it out girl. It will hurt for a little, but you'll be better off because of it."

You have to work through the crap in your life to really enjoy the goodness that God has for you(pun intended).

So, those are the six main things my little one month old Junebug has taught me. Brooke and I are constantly saying, "I can't believe we have a kid." It's one of the most unique expierences in life. One day you are just a kid yourself and then BAM!, you are a parent! It's awesome.

And now a little note for June that I hope she can read someday.

I love you. Everyday I look at you in awe and wonder because I can't believe that you are my kid. I give most of the credit to your cuteness to your mother because lets face it, she is a total babe. I hope that you end up just like her.
As you grow and discover this great big world of ours, I hope that I can teach you a few things. I hope that you will be open to what God can teach you and I hope that you will follow Him with your whole heart.
You have the potential to be amazing and change this world for the glory of God, June. I certaintly hope that you do. And I will be in your corner helping, motivating, correcting and cheering you on every step of the way! Congrats on being alive for 1 month! 


Your dad


  • Cindy and Steve Mousetis

    We loved what you had to share. But more than that we have loved observing you and Brooke as you begin to raise June. Just as you did with marriage, you have embraced parenting with ease. You both are very unselfish and caring people. Your points above reveal what most moms and dads experience: they fall in love with their little ones instantly and that love continues to grow. It’s a powerful love and begins to help us realize how great is our Heavenly Father’s love for us. “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Rom. 5:8) Can you imagine giving your child, the way He did? It is still beyond our comprehension, but He did it. Keep loving and rejoicing in every little thing that she does, and may the Lord bless you with even more. Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them…" (Ps. 127)
    Mom & Dad

  • Gloria Sifuentes

    great job I wish there were more parents like you and Brooke. But I think it all stems back to how your parents were with you . And yes you have a wonderful mother and father.

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