Jenna // #iwearwalkinlove

Name: Jenna Groff

Age: 18

What's your schooling/occupation? I’m a high school senior who is homeschooled, and I am also taking a class at LBC this semester.

What are your hobbies and interests? I love music, especially singing and playing the piano. I also enjoy hanging out with friends, and of course, shopping.

What are three random facts about you?  My parents own Groff’s Candies, which is a family owned chocolate business that my grandmother started in1969! I have been homeschooled all my life, but unlike popular belief, I am very sociable and love to be around people. I learned sign language when I was younger to communicate with a deaf foster child that my family brought into our home.

What is your style? It all depends on what mood I’m in, but I would say my style is pretty casual. If I’m comfortable, I’m happy.

What's your Instagram name? @jennagroff

What do you love about walk in love.? I love the message behind walk in love, and the awesome verses that they pick to remind me of what is really important.  It’s one thing to say you’re not ashamed of your faith, and it’s another to wear a shirt that proclaims God’s word to the people around you. Not only are the designs and verses on the shirts fantastic, but the clothing itself is extremely comfortable.


Jenna is wearing our Cross Gray T-Shirt!

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