Emily + Jake // #coupleswearwalkinlove

Names: Jake Nicolella & Emily VanSant

What's your School/Occupation? Jake is a Designer at Penguin Random House in Manhattan and Emily is a Photographer and Art Instructor at the Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster.

Are you dating, engaged, or married? We're dating! Yeehaw!

How did you meet? We met and shook hands in our first design class of the fall semester at Penn State University after we both had transferred in from other schools.  Jake exercised his chivalry and pulled out the chair for me. I watched him doodle in his notebook and admired his cool glasses and his sincerity. 


What is one of your favorite things to do together? We enjoy collaborating on creative projects, keeping up with the best of television and film, expanding our record collection and growing in our bar tending mixology skills -- we just (sort of) mastered the manhattan.

What is an interesting fact about you as a couple? An interesting fact about us would be that our history is...unique. We have always felt eerily akin to Jim & Pam of the Office (one of the best television shows to date, no question) since our early days as friends. We dated for two years, were engaged for a year and a half and broke up in early December of 2014. Thankfully, like Jim and Pam after their falling out, we experienced a reconciliation. We have a new appreciation for our relationship since we started dating again in early January and have been blindsided by God's life-giving grace and his powerful restoration in our hearts and lives.  God does big things and small things and beautiful things and he loves us powerfully and wholly. There is a joy indescribable that fills you when you see something living and breathing that you thought was dead. 1 Peter 5:10 has been made true for us: 'And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen and establish you.'  That counts as an interesting fact, right?! 

What are your plans for Valentines Day?
Jake lives in New York City so we will be enjoying Valentine's Day there! We are planning on oodles of Brooklyn-exploring, food-eating and record-listening. 

What do you love about walk in love.? We love tuna--of course! We dig walk in love.'s excellent engagement with their followers and customers via social media and their ability to use good design to spread a good message--the best message in fact! We also love that they are Lancaster based--go Lancaster!

What are your Instagram accounts? Jake: @nicolellalalalala Emily: @ylimetnasnav 


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