DIY // Sharpie Christmas Ornaments

When our good friend, Blythe, featured her DIY Christmas ornaments on her Instagram, we knew we had to have her show us how to make some of our own! All you need for this festive project is a plain porcelain ornament (available at any craft store), a Sharpie Paint Pen, and some creativity! Choose your favorite hymn or Christmas jingle and go to town! This adorable ornament will make a great addition to your  own Christmas tree or you can give it to someone as a thoughtful gift!

+ Porcelain ornament 
+ Sharpie Paint pen
First thing's first! Doodle and draw with a Sharpie until you figure out exactly what design and font you want for your ornament! 
Begin drawing on your ornament with the Sharpie Paint Pen and use a wet paper towel to quickly remove any mistakes. Also! Sharpie Paint Pens work best because they are oil based which causes less smudging! 
Once your finished drawing, wait several minutes before touching your ornament to allow the paint to completely dry! 
Hang your ornament or wrap it up and give it to somebody special for Christmas! 

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