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Amanda // #iwearwalkinlove

Name: Amanda Chobany 
Age: 19
What is your School/Occupation? I go to The Pennsylvania State University and I am majoring in Early Childhood Education/Special Education!

What are your Hobbies/Interests? I love crafting, knitting, traveling, coffee, any kind of ice cream and flowers.
What is an interesting fact about you? I was a baby model! 
What's your style? It depends! Some days I dress very comfy and casual, but some days I dress more preppy. 

What do you love about walk in love.? walk In love. clothes are such a great way to encourage yourself and people around you with awesome messages! Its such a simple, cool way to wear your faith. They're a great reminder that we are here to love everyone just as Christ loves us! I also love how the clothes are super cute and comfy! 
What is your Instagram? @aamandaaaa



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