Brittany + Jessica // #iwearwalkinlove

Names: Jessica Barge + Brittany Jarkowsky 
Ages: 17 
What is your School/ Occupation? We are both homeschooled!

What are your Hobbies/ Interests? Jessica- I love photography, spontaneous adventures, traveling gives me joy.
Brittany- Singing, acting, playing piano, going along with Jessica on spontaneous adventures, and Jessica and I talk in British accents all the time!
What are your styles? We are both hipster wannabes! 

What do you love about walk in love.? Jessica- I love walk in love. because they send such a positive truthful statement! Plus, the clothes are super stylish and you can wear whatever to fit your style and comfort. Brittany- walk in love. sends out a statement that I adore, to constantly be walking in God's love and loving everyone. The clothes are a testimony every time you wear them! 

What is your Instagram? Jessica- @bargie_, Brittany- @Its_brittany_joy

Jessica (left) is wearing our Hope Anchors The Soul Navy Women's T-Shirt // Brittany (right) is wearing our Hope Anchors The Soul Maroon Women's T-Shirt // Styled by Kelsey Courtney // Photos by Kristen Hornberger 

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