Half Crown Braid

I like to keep my morning beauty routine to about 15 minutes or less. That means I need to do something fast and easy with my hair before I'm out the door! This hair style is perfect for class or this year's Christmas party! If you know how to do a simple braid, this half crown braid is for you! 

+ Hair Tie 
+ Bobby Pins
+ Hair Spray 
Step One: Take one medium sized section of hair. 
 Step Two: Begin braiding your hair until you reach the end. 
 Step Three: Do the same on the other side!
 Step 4: You should now have two braids! 
 Step 5: Wrap the braid around the crown of your head and secure the braid with a bobby pin. 
Step 6: Do the same on the other side then tuck the ends of the braid to hide them away and there you you have it! A lovely half crown braid!

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