Magdalena // #iwearwalkinlove

Name: Magdalena Becker 
Age: 16
What's Your School/Occupation? I’m homeschooled and I work at Central Market.

What are your Hobbies/Interests? Listening to music, like ALL the time, fashion design, laughing, singing, dancing, Disney movies, chai lattes, netflix and tumblr. 
What is an interesting fact about you? I have three very random talents, if you could even call them that: catching goldfish in my mouth, memorizing lyrics to rap songs and finding appropriate times in everyday conversation to quote a random movie. 

What is your style? Comfort is definitely a must for me and flannels and leggings are necessities. You could call me a casual, hipster wanna-be. 
What do you love about walk in love.? I love how the gorgeous designs send such a big message in such a simple way. I adore my mug that says “You Are The Song I Sing” and whenever I use it it’s just such a lovely reminder of God’s love and promise. 
What is your Instagram? magdalena.becker 


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