DIY // T-Shirt Headwrap

Kristen and I are headband fanatics! We love the turban headwrap trend that is everywhere right now! We figured we might as well make our own out of an old walk in love. t-shirt! You know you have an old t-shirt that you can sacrifice for cute DIY! This is a super easy project for the weekend that you'll want to be rocking into next week! 

+ Old walk in love. t-shirt
+ scissors
+ measuring tape

Measure 8 inches upward starting at the hem of the t-shirt. 

Cut a straight line across the width of the shirt. 

You should now have piece of material that looks something like this!

Give it a good stretch! Remember, this needs to fit on your head! 

Twist the t-shirt into a figure 8.

Twist the figure 8 again!

Now fold it in half. 

Give it one more good stretching! 

And voilà! You have a adorable t-shirt turban headwrap!

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