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Iron Sharpens Iron In Red

This past week our photoshoot was quite the adventure as our model Kayla, Kristen, and myself wandered around the alley ways of Manhiem, trying to find a unique spot to shoot. We finally found a cool spot near a creek that complimented Kayla's outfit. As we began to shoot we realized there was an animal laying on the ground about ten feet from where we were standing. After gawking at the creature for several minutes we couldn't agree on what kind of animal it was! I thought it was a weasel, Kayla voted muskrat, and Kristen was convinced it was a meerkat. (Meerkats do not live in America, Kristen.) We were not certain if the animal was dead or alive so we each chose a direction in which we would begin running if it started to move. Even though we were terrified throughout the entire photoshoot, it ended in success as we got some awesome photos of Kayla in our new Red Iron Sharpens Iron t-shirt AND we were not attacked by the creepy critter! 

Kayla is wearing our Iron Sharpens Iron Red T-Shirt // Styled by Kelsey Courtney // Photos by Kristen Hornberger 


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