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Dani // #iwearwalkinlove

Name: Dani Brown

Age: 20 

What's your School/Occupation? Lancaster Bible College, I'm going for Social Work!

What are your Hobbies/Interests? Playing guitar, singing, spending time with friends, Crafting DIY Pinterest projects, overall trying to enjoy life.

What's your style? Little bit of this, little bit of that. I don't really have a category. I would best describe it as Eclectic.

We want to know what you love about walk in love.? I love seeing all of the verses on their clothing. It provides a great way to share hope with others without having to say anything.  I also love how easy all of walk in love products are to style. They go with anything!

Follow Dani on Instagram! @downtown_dani_brown


Dani is wearing our Fearfully Wonderfully Made Red Women's Raglan, Gold Twist Scarf, + Blue and Gold Plaid Infinity Scarf // Styling By Kelsey Courtney // Photos By Kristen Hornberger


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