Meet Tuna!

 If you follow us on social media you have probably seen this little guy all over our Instagram and Facebook page! His name is Tuna and he is the sweetest, most laid back little kitten ever. About a month ago our owners, Brooke and T.J. were walking home from work when they found him two blocks away from the studio. We call T.J., "The Cat Whisperer" because cats come running to him out of bushes and wooded areas. It's the weirdest thing. When Tuna first started living in the studio he was really sick. (Which is why he looks like a total grease-ball in these photos, due to his medicine! Ha!) He is doing so much better now and loves to greet us at the elevator every morning when we come into work. 

Name: Tuna

Age: 4 Months Old

Where are you from? Steigel St., Manheim

Recent Happenings? I tried popcorn for the first time and my friends Bruno and Titan came to visit me in the studio and we had a sleepover. 

What are your hobbies? I enjoy sleeping on the couch in my favorite spot, watching Kristen do orders, and sitting on keyboards.

What is your first memory of walk in love.? My first memory of walk in love. would be when T.J. picked me up and held me against his super-soft, tri-blend walk in love. shirt. 

What are you excited about? I'm excited for the upcoming parties in the walk in love. studio because there's a good chance people will drop food on the floor. 

You can follow Tuna on Instagram @tunathestudiocat 

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