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Why Yes, That is a Dress!

Styling Danielle's outfit was a blast because her style is very different from my own! She loves all things preppy! This allowed us to make her outfit extra fun and girly with lots of pom poms and bobbi pins! To let you in on a little secret, the skirt that Danielle is wearing underneath her walk in love. shirt is actually a dress! I know. Amazing! Danielle said that she loved how easily walk in love. clothing is able to blend with her individual style. So, whether your preppy, hipster, skater, punk, or all of those combined, there is always a way to make walk in love. your own.

Danielle is wearing our walk in love. Navy Women's T-Shirt, Red Pom Pom Brooch, Silver Mini Pom Pom Flower, Mint Mini Pom Pom Flower, Hooray Canvas Tote Bag , Good Bad Rad Bobbi Set, Accordian Style Gold Ring, + Do Not Fear Red Iphone 5/5s Case  // Styling By Kelsey Courtney // Photos By Kristen Hornberger 


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