#walkinloveorganizedneatly Contest

It's contest time! Take out your favorite walk in love. shirt, hoodie or tank and surround it with a few of your favorite things.  Post the photo to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #walkinloveorganizedneatly to enter!

Contest Prizes:

1st Prize - $50 walk in love. gift card

2nd Prize - $25 walk in love. gift card

3rd Prize - $10 walk in love. gift card

'Most Unique' Prize - $10 walk in love. gift card

Contest runs till October 3, 2014.

Tips on how to win:

1. Make sure your items are actually organized neatly! Seriously.

2. Make sure your items fit neatly in a square for Instagram.

3. Don't overlap any of your items.

4. Show your personality in your post!

5. Use the hashtag #walkinloveorganizedneatly and tag us in the actual photo too!



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