Meet Kristen!

When we were first hiring people for our retail store, in 2011, Brooke and I had a hiring party at our house.  Thirty potential team members showed up.  We talked, played games and ate food.  We had to narrow it down to about seven people, which we did.  Kristen wasn't one of those original seven people, but I kept telling Brooke I had a really good feeling about her.  So, I decided that the team had to have her! That was three years ago and Kristen is still with us.  Her roles have changed a few times but no matter what she's been doing for walk in love. she has been doing it well!  She is awesome, hardworking and super easy going.  If you tell Kristen that you need something done you know the job will be done quickly and correctly.  It seems like that hiring-party, three years ago, was another lifetime for walk in love.  I am so thankful that Kristen is still part of the team and can't wait to see what the future holds for her as a main part of what we do at walk in love.

So, it is my great pleasure to re-introduce you to one of my favorite people on this planet.  Everyone, meet Kristen!  - T.J.

Name: Kristen Hornberger!

Age: 24 

Where you're from?: Wellll, I was actually born in Billings, Montana! But I've lived in good old Lancaster, PA my whole life. And I'm not amish. 

Recent Happenings: Let's see. I traveled to the Netherlands earlier this summer and stayed smack dab in the middle of Amsterdam. That was pretty exciting! Europe is beautiful. 

What are your hobbies?: You mean besides watching Netflix? I like to do crafty things like paint or try a good DIY project from Pinterest. Mmm. Pinterest. I'll throw in hiking too because I love myself some beautiful scenery and fresh air!

What is your first memory of walk in love.?: One of my friends showed me this super soft hoodie she got from this company called walk in love. a few years ago and after stalking their blog I became obsessed. I found out they were going to have a kiosk at the mall which was AWESOME, so of course I had to go there and buy some shirts for myself. It's pretty funny to think back knowing how involved in the company I am now. I would have never guessed that would happen!

What are you excited about?: THE HOBBIT! Okay, I'm not gonna lie. I'm a pretty big LOTR fan and obviously I have to go to the last midnight premiere this winter. I'm also super pumped for the Christmas season and all that walk in love. has in store for that! It's going to be rad. 

What do you hope to bring to the team?: I want to bring laughter to the team! They can attest, I'm always doing ditzy "blonde" things or making crazy animal sounds. But that's one thing I love about my team. Everyone's so laid back and not afraid to be silly and it's fun to laugh together. 

Where do you get your inspiration?: Oh, lots of places! Pinterest, people I follow on Instagram, my team! My team is so creative, each in their own unique way and it's awesome to be inspired and learning from one another. 

Where can we follow you?: My instagram username is @kristennjoy . Follow me!



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