DIY // Cross Garland

Im so excited about this DIY project because it's perfect for decorating your dorm room or apartment! The felt cross garland looks awesome hanging over your bed or couch! I plan on hanging mine over our TV! For a more dramatic look we made large black crosses which is super trendy! We also made a smaller cross pattern with with colorful felt, great for adding a pop of color to any room. This DIY is made for a college budget! The total project cost no more than $6 to make! BOOM! 


+ felt

+ cross pattern 

+ cardboard

+ embroidery floss

+ scissors 

+ pencil 

+ needle 

Cut out the cross pattern and trace it onto the cardboard. Our pattern is approximately 6"tall by 6"wide.

Cut out the cross pattern from the cardboard. 

Trace the cardboard pattern onto the felt. We used a white pencil against the black felt so it would be more visible. 

We made 16 crosses for 9 feet of garland.

Fold the cross in half and thread the embroidery floss back to front. 

Pull the embroidery floss through far enough to attach the next cross! It's pretty simple!

The finished product! 



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