Way to go Liz!


Eight and a half months ago Brooke and I sat with our team member Liz in the office as she told us, through tears, that she was unexpectedly pregnant.  After being married for two years Liz and her husband Weston were not trying to get pregnant but it happened only a month or so after she quit her full time job and started working with us as a wedding photographer.  We had about twenty weddings booked for her and she was overwhelmed with the idea that she had this responsibility to her new dream job and to her pregnancy.  She wasn't crying because she didn't want to have a baby, but just because the timing of everything was stressing her out.  So, Brooke and I assured Liz that everything would be fine and we would do what we had to do to make sure she could get her work done and have this baby with no problems.  This past weekend Liz shot her 15th wedding before her due date, which is 10 days from today.  I text her the second I knew she was finished and told her how proud I was of her for sticking with it and not letting the situation overwhelm her, like she originally thought it would.

Life is always stressful.  There are always a million little things to do and seemingly never enough time to do them. Yet, we still have to press on.  We have to do what we can do and save the rest for later.  It will never end because living a fulfilling life requires action, risk and adventure.  Living a life to the full will never end until our breathing stops.  Liz could have done what so many people choose to do, let the stressful situation overwhelm them and control them.  She could have quit and said, "I can't do it."  She could have complained the whole entire time about how hard it was.  She could have posted to her Facebook how life is so unfair and blah, blah, blah.  But, she didn't.  She took her challenge head on and stayed true to the path that was laid out before her.

Liz had already taken a risk by quitting her full-time job and venturing out into the world of self-employment.  No one would have blamed her for going back to the safety of the 9-5 and maternity leave, but she didn't because she knew that life was more fulfilling following her dreams, even if over the next nine months it would be more difficult than it should have been.

I have employed a lot of young people and have seen people in an easier pressure situation crumble under it.  Life is just too hard so instead of trying to work through it they just give up, quit and run away.  It's never the way to do things.  Stand firm on your word and the fulfilling life you want, take the hit and the pressure and keep moving forward.

I can tell you first hand that Liz is so glad that she did and now she can look back at these nine months and stand tall with the thought, "If I could do that while pregnant I can certainly do it while not pregnant.  I am stronger than I thought and I can overcome."

We have to stop saying that everything is the worst and life is just so unfair, because let's be real - Life is never going to be fair.  It's how we react and respond to that unfairness that will show our depth, stamina and what really matters in our hearts.  Let's respond with courage, love and joy so we can look back on our trials and be proud of ourselves!

Way to go Liz.  Brooke and I are just two of the many people who are so proud of you!  Now, let's have that baby! - T.J.

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