Meet the Designer - Dylan Roop

VRSLY has teamed up with Dylan Roop to bring you a week's worth of spectacular artwork! We've gotten to know a little bit more about Dylan during this collaboration and wanted to share our conversations so you can learn more about him!



1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!


"My name is Dylan Roop. I am 21 years old and I reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’m also one hundred percent sure that I am dating the most amazing girl ever created. I am a freelance designer and hand letterer though I work closely with my home church - New Life Church. I love playing guitar and serving and using my gifts as a designer and guitarist for the church. I also play in the band “This is the Giant”, we just put out a record with our great friends Come&Live!"



2. What inspired you to come up with the designs you made for VRSLY?


"I am often inspired by a couple of other designers. Most notably Joshua Noom and my close friend Sean McCarthy. Those two guys have inspired my design most in the past year than anyone has in the past 5-7 years doing design. I tend to also find a lot of inspiration by listening to post rock and instrumental music, I love how so many bands that don’t sing often know how to set a mood or ambience and they let you fill the rest in with your imagination."



3. What is your process like?


"Usually I will sketch something super poorly in my pocket journal and then take it back to the office later and sketch it bigger and scan it in and mess with it in photoshop. Most of my “hand drawn” style is done with the pen tool inside photoshop and then I do quite a bit of “texture treatment”. One technique I’ve been doing a ton lately is just achieving a hand drawn look and feel from clean text. Clean design meets rugged treatment. It’s my two loves meeting one another in a wonderful way."



4. What is your hope for people when they use your designs?


"I just want to be apart of the experience where I make something and show the world and someone thousands of miles away from me says “I WANT to make that. I CAN make that. I am GOING to make that”. I just hope that I inspire others towards positivity and creativity."


Be sure to download VRSLY to use all of Dylan's awesome designs! And don't forget to follow him on Instagram!

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