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18 Favorite Stories + Customer Interactions Ever

Our Lancaster retail store is closing for good today. And as we're in the store for these last few hours, we've been talking about some of our favorite customer interactions and stories of all time - ENTER funny blog post about weirdos lovely customers and things that happen while we're working.

Here we go...

1. "How much is this?" You would be amazed at the number of people who walk around the store, picking up single items at a time, and asking "How much is this?" Obviously we kindly respond with the price - but what we want to say is "EVERYTHING IS PRICED WITH A STICKER! CAN'T YOU READ!?!?"

2. "Is this Coldstone Creamery?" Our Lancaster store is in the previous space of a Coldstone Creamery and for the first two years of our store it smelled like vanilla and sprinkles. It must have been ground into the walls and floor or something. So, the amount of people who would ask if this was a Coldstone (while they stand in our store, surrounded by t-shirts) would surprise you. And then upon us saying "No, this is walk in love.", they would say to us "Are you sure? I thought this was a Coldstone. I'm prettttty sure this is a Coldstone." 

3. "I've been to this store in Colorado!" Or insert any other state that we don't have a store in. It's very hard to convince someone that it's impossible they've ever been in another store of ours. We don't have another store. Ha!

4. "Is this on sale?" Much like the customer who asks how much every single item is, there is a similar customer who asks if every single thing is on sale. Sometime's they'll even ask if something is on sale, and when we say "No, it's not", they'll pick up a different size of the same shirt and ask (you guessed it) "Is this on sale?" Oh boy... going to be a long shift.

5. Giant eye roll. It's so strange how people ask for/demand high quality items that are manufactured, printed and created in America. That they say they want Fair Trade and Fair Wages and "quality that will last a lifetime", and all those good things. And then they roll their eyes when they see a t-shirt for $20. We hear them whisper "Guh, this is so much cheaper at Forever21." Oh Forever21, we love you... but will you consider making a t-shirt that doesn't shrink and change colors in the wash? Thanks!

6. My friend works here! Yes! My friend... Melanie! Or Ryan! Or Matilda! It never fails that people swear their friends work here, where we only have like 10 team members. They insist that their friend is employed by us even though they are definately not. It makes us want respond "Are you sure you guys are good friends?" "Can other people see this friend of yours?" Just kidding, we know your friends aren't imaginary. At least not all of them.

7. I know the owner! When you say you know the owner of walk in love. TO the owners and you don't recognize us... you probably don't know the owners. But that's okay, we still like you. 

8. Describing with confidence an item we've never sold. When people come in and rattle off a bible verse and describe with confidence that it used to be a shirt we sold.... it's hard to break it to them that no, we never sold that shirt. Not even "years ago" as you describe.

9. When you walk into our store, there are three doors behind our counter space - one leads to our stock room, and the other two are bathrooms. None of them lead into the mall. It's always hysterical when people walk into our store and head back behind the counter with such confidence and speed, whip open the bathroom door (expecting a secret entrance to the mall, I suppose?) and are confronted with several of our unused, naked, male mannequins. Usually they are so embarrassed and confused that we don't have to explain what just happened. They just run back out in the other direction towards our actual  doors. Which leads me to number ten...

10. Forgetting to unlock the second door. We are so sorry for all the times that we forgot to unlock the second half of our door and you face planted into it fully expecting it to swing open. We laughed at you, but yea... sorry about that.

11. Is this free? Again, pointing out random items asking if they are free is strange. Would you go into Target and do that? Probably not. But if you do, and it works, please let us know. We love Target.

12. Sorry, I just farted. We are very sorry for all of the times we thought we were alone in the store and farted. And then you popped up from behind a shelf and made eye contact with us. Let's just pretend it never happened...

13. Singing loudly.  Much like farting, there have been so many times we were wrapped up in the song playing in the store (*cough, cough, HILARY*) and we were singing loudly, truly believing we were alone. Thanks for just laughing with/at us and not telling all of your friends.

14. Staring through the windows. Dear customers squinting and staring through the windows: you may come in. Just open the door to the magical land we call the walk in love. store! You don't have to buy anything if you come in. Although that'd be nice, because you just smushed your face up against our windows and now we have to clean them. :)

15. "Tornado Hands". When a customer comes into the store, digs viscously through every pile, and then leaves without buying anything... we describe that method of shopping as "Tornado Hands." It's best to just get out of the way until the tornado passes, lest you be sucked in the vortex of destruction.

16. Will you hold my baby? One time a woman asked Kali (the chillest employee of all time) to hold her baby while she tried on a shirt of ours. Naturally, Kali said yes. And then the baby barfed all over her. To which Kali then text our team "To whoever purchased the Elmo shampoo and left it in the store bathroom, thank you. I just used it to remove baby-barf from my hair."

17. Birds. A post from Kristen our store manager - "Today a seagull flew into the store for a brief 5 seconds. We became best friends and then he flew out. That is all."

18. And last, but totally not least, people accepting Christ in our store. We get teary eyed just thinking that something so amazingly life changing would happen in our store... prompted by something as "foolish" as t-shirts. (But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise...) Pretty amazing.

While we joke around about funny/annoying customer experiences above, we are really so, so grateful for all of your support and business over the last three years. We can't not thank you enough. Hope you enjoyed this post. We look forward to serving you from our new studio space in Manheim, PA and 24/7 at


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