10 Worship Bands That You Should Be Listening To!

My name is Tess and I have been a team member at walk in love. for over a year working in their retail stores. Now that walk in love. is moving online only I will be a regular contributor to the blog. My passion has always been music so when T.J. challenged me to find 10 worship bands that may not be so well known I was excited. I spent a lot of time listening to all types of bands and this is by no means an exhaustive list. It's just ten that I felt representative a wide array of styles and sounds. I personally gravitate to a few bands on this list but I still enjoyed all of them. I believe that music is a powerful way we can meet and know God and I am so thankful for musicians who use that gift to help you and I get there! Enjoy my list and make sure you comment to let us know your favorite! Thanks for reading my first post! - Tess

1. Loud Harp

Favorite Song - On Solid Ground
Favorite Lyric - “ Jesus, Jesus in You I’m hidden + I’m safe. Jesus, Jesus, in You I’m given life + grace.”

Loud Harp is made up of Asher Seevinck and Dave Wilton!  They started this band totally by accident! (a GREAT accident if you ask me!) Ever since they met they had always joked about starting their own band and in April of 2011 it actually happened! It started as a weekend of writing for Asher’s then band, Seafinch, but that quickly turned into a time of spontaneous worship and prayer! The songs they wrote in that time created their self-titled debut album “Loud Harp” in 2012. My favorite song on this album is a song called “On Solid Ground”. It speaks about how Jesus is our firm foundation and in Him we find life and grace and refuge and hope!  Loud Harp is perfect for doing your quiet time, they will leave you feeling refreshed and full of hope! Listen to Loud Harp here!

2. SisterBrother

Favorite Song - Sweet
Favorite Lyric - “All I can do is call out the name of the One who called out mine!"

Sisterbrother hails from the great Harrisburg, PA! They are compiled of Nathan Horst, Lindsey Horst, Mark Horst, Rusty Fuller, Joel Semke, + Anthony Harnish. Fun-fact - Rusty was the drummer for the band Copeland! How awesome?! Sisterbrother is the refreshing, happy type of music that just fills you with all sorts of joy! They recently kickstarted a full length album that is due out this year. I can’t wait to listen to it! Listen to SisterBrother here!

3. Young Oceans

Favorite Song - My All in Thee
Favorite Lyric -  "Show me Your way, my love, my Lord. Draw me to grace, so strong and sure. I run to Your mercy, where I am free, Let me find my all in Thee."

Young Oceans is a neo-alternative worship project that evolved from the hymns penned and arranged within the Trinity Grace Church in New York City. The endeavor sprang up as an offshoot from TGC’s two live worship albums, Without End (2009) and We Sing As One (2011), when an eclectic gathering of musicians began exploring artful re-renderings of those songs in a SoHo apartment. Although, the lyrics sound very similar to old hymns, the tune and feel of them is very different! Young Ocean is perfect for listening to when you are just relaxing by the pool or doing some yard work around your house! Listen toYoung Oceans here!

4. Samuel Lane 

Favorite Song - Your Love Endures
Favorite Lyric -  “You wipe away my offenses. Like clouds, like the morning mist. Even in darkness, Your light dawns. Your love endures!

Samuel Lane is a worship singer-songwriter! When He was 7 years old he moved to Anaheim, California with his parents where he was introduced to the worship stylings of Kevin Prosch at Vineyard Church! Samuel co-founded “the Burn Church”and released his first worship song on Vineyard Records in 2002! His album “The Fire” was recorded with Emmy Award winning producer Bobby Hartry (best known for working with Jeremy Riddle!) This album is full of songs of passion, intimacy, hope and honesty all things found in the presence of God! Samuel touches your soul with his ridiculously honest lyrics! This is perfect for when you just want to have some quiet time with God, reflecting and praying to Him! My favorite song “Your Love Endures” is just a reminder that God is always the same and His love will never leave or fail! How encouraging is that?! Listen to Samuel Lane here!

5. Citizens

Favorite Song -  Made Alive
Favorite Lyric -  “Lord, You are the light that broke the darkness. You satisfy my soul when I am heartless. You have bought me back with the riches of Your amazing grace and relentless love. I’m made alive forever with You life forever. By Your grace I’m saved."

Citizens is made up of Zach Bolen, Tom McConnell, Nate Garvey, Nathaniel Furtado, Adam Skatula, and Bryce Covert! They are a high-energy indie rock band, born in the heart of Seattle’s university district. They quickly built a reputation for their dynamic hymn arrangements and high intensity anthems. Seriously, they are amazing! If you are going on any road trips this summer this band should definitely be in your mix! Listen to Citizens here!

6. Lovelite 

Favorite Song - Brother, Sister
Favorite Lyric - “A mighty rushing wind pouring from the One we waited for! A fire born within started by the One we waited for!"

Lovelite is made up of Andrew Polfer, Jen Polfer, Brandon Burr and Jonathan Hall! They bring an energetic infusion of euro-pop and sensibility and lyrical depth to the congregational worship scene! Led by husband and wife team of Andrew and Jen Polfer, the band’s anthemic atmospheric style lays a foundation for its heartbeat: to share the character of God’s creativity.  Seriously, if you just want to dance around in your room I highly recommend downloading Lovelite’s “In Three Persons”! Listen to Lovelite here! 

7. King’s Kaleidoscope

Favorite Song - Jesus Paid It All
Favorite Lyric -  “Oh praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead!"

King’s Kaleidoscope was born in Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA where they led worship for 4 years! After leading worship they decided that their goal would be to not limit their music to a Sunday morning congregation! The band features sections of strings, horns, and two drums giving them a hip-hop sort of feel. They put a modern, new twist on the old hymn that will blow your mind! Hymns such as “Jesus Paid It All” , “In Christ Alone” and “All Creatures”! Perfect for that drive to church on Sunday mornings to get you ready for your church service! Listen to King’s Kaleidoscope here!

8. The Brillance 

Favorite Song - You Are My Rescue
Favorite Lyric - “My strength alone is nothing. Come show Your power in me. I find my hope in You! You are my refuge!”

David Gungor (brother of Michael Gungor of the band Gungor) and John Ardent make up the band called The Brillance! They wanted to start a worship band different from the typical Sunday morning worship and they accomplished it. They are a very simple, very mellow worship band that love Jesus with all their heart! They are perfect to listen to when you are just wanting to meet with God and meditate on His Word! Listen to The Brillance here!

9. Future of Forestry

Favorite Song -  Open Wide
Favorite Lyric -  "So open wide, the arms your given. You’re to alive to just stand still. Open wide, your heart as you breathe in. You’re too alive to just stand here."

Named after a poem by C.S. Lewis Future of Forestry was founded in 2006. Their first full length album “TheTwilight” dropped in 2007, which is my favorite album by them! They sound exactly like their name. Kind of like you are traveling through the cleanest forest you’ve ever seen in the future, probably wearing some awesome spandex outfit…maybe that’s too far, but they definitely have a very futuristic, airy feel to the music they make! They will leave you feeling relaxed and loved in no time with their deep, heartfelt lyrics and soft melodies! Listen to Future of Forestry here!

10. My Epic

Favorite Song - Alone
Favorite Lyric - "Jesus, I’ve been trying so hard to look like You that I almost missed the worst of what I put you through. You didn’t die for sins, You died covered in them, a prideful lying this gasping out my final breaths.  For that one moment you looked just like me, so Your Father left you and You died completely alone.”

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Christian alt-rock band My Epic was formed in 2004! They evoke raw emotion with every song that they produce. They have a similar sound to the band Saosin, which is very rare in the Christian community. Personally, I gravitate toward this style of music so My Epic was probably my favorite new find on this list! I hope that I get to see them perform live because it looks like they put on a killer show! I love listening to heavy music that still has passion and a heart for our great God! Listen to My Epic here!


  • Wilfred

    Thanks for the list. What of Hillsong United?

  • Shannon "Saint" Lewis

    Great pics – most are my favorites. Love your shirts, too – I was recently teased for being a walking “Walk in Love” ad by one of my friends… & it’s true.

  • Jenni

    You should also listen to The Outsiders! Very indie with very powerful lyrics! “You are Here” & “Steadfast” are my two favorite!

  • Tyler M

    MY EPIC is so, for the lack of a better term, EPIC! Such great and intimate worship! Probably one of my favorite bands.

  • Harrison

    How did you find these bands in the first place?

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