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Good Friday @ 5:38am

This morning I shifted positions in bed and reached for my iPhone to check the time.  My body felt like it was time to wake up but the light coming into the room made it feel earlier.  So I clicked my phone awake, blinded myself with full brightness and was able to focus on the time.  5:38am.  I still had a few hours to sleep but felt pretty awake so I rolled to my back and laid in the quiet, dim light of morning listening to the buzz of the fan and the steady breath of Brooke by my side.  It was at that moment that I started to think about the fact it was Good Friday.  A day that we remember the death of Jesus on a cross.  It's a day that millions will take a few minutes to think about the gravity of what that means, and that's what I found myself doing this morning.


Here is where I landed:

The death of Jesus on Good Friday is the epitome of love poured out with blood, guts, sweat, pain and agony.  It is an explosion of grace and love on the human race that could never be earned in all the lives of every human strung out in order forever.  It is the definition of love and it is the only time in the span of all human existence that true, unbiased, unadulterated love has ever existed.  It is amazing, it is wonderful, it is fantastic, it is outrageous, it is overwhelming, it is unbelievable and it is undeserved.  But it happened in the same way his resurrection happened.  It is the gift of life for you, me and every single person that has ever existed.  And like every gift it is not forced or shoved in your face.  It is choice, it is THE choice.  Jesus pinned to that cross with nails in his arms and legs and blood dripping from his crown is the purest expression of love that has ever existed and will ever existed.  It is the most beautiful, undeserving invitation that will ever be sent and it's our choice to accept or to deny.


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