Oh Honey - With Love EP

Every Tuesday I spend a few moments in the morning looking for new music on iTunes.  Last week I came across an EP by the band Oh Honey titled "With Love."  I clicked the "Preview All" button and after only 10 seconds of listening I purchased the EP. It was all we listened to for the entire day!  My only complaint about the EP was that it's only four songs, but that didn't stop me from listening to it on repeat!  It's that good!  One of my favorite things about the "With Love" EP  is that it's filled with positivity and happiness no matter what life throws at you.  Instead of glossing over life with a happy stamp their music and lyrics point to joy being a choice and that life will be okay!  I definitely recommend buying this EP!  Oh Honey is going to be a big deal!  So, get "With Love" now and when they win a Grammy you can say to your friends, "Oh, Honey I've been listening to that band since their first EP."

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