Inspirational Easter Eggs

I pretty much believe that you can make anything inspirational with a sharpie in hand. Around Christmas time we showed you guys several ideas for DIY Inspirational Wrapping Paper - and I think Easter Eggs are another great way to have fun with a seasonal tradition. Another great idea would be to give the eggs away to your neighbors and co-workers! Brighten their day and share a little inspiration with them!

Supply List:
+ Large hardboiled eggs
+ Sharpies/Metallic Markers
+ Egg dye
+ Paper towels to keep things clean
1. Hard boil your eggs. Let cool completely.
2. Dye eggs according to dye box or whatever you Google Search. Ha!
3. Start drawing patterns and phrases, over and over again on your eggs. Here are some ideas:
  • Hearts, Crosses, Lines, Stars, Swirls
  • He Is Risen!
  • Eternal Life!
  • Hope, Joy, Love, Happy
  • By Grace, Hallelujah!
4. Box up 4-6 eggs and give them away to your friends!


  • Kristina

    Love the idea…but is it safe to eat the eggs?

  • tatyana

    Are they still edible after the sharpie?

  • Linda

    I purchased “chalkboard” eggs at Walmart and plan on trying this tomorrow with my 15 yr. old son. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Gina Sur

    LOVE these eggs! May I include a photo and link to this page in my monthly newsletter to parents? I am the Children’s Pastor at North Coast Church in Vista, CA and would really like to share this idea with parents. Please advise. Thank you, Gina Sur 760-330-9238 office

  • Bricks 4 Kidz Mississauga

    This is fantastic! Great project for the kids during Easter.

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