Courage The Cat

You might remember us putting out a casting call for some new walk in love models a few weeks ago... Thank you to all that applied! We received a bunch of great applications and are excited to use a lot of you!

When we were going through the applications one in particular stood out to us. We'll let you see for yourself. 

Hey guys at WIL,
I decided I'd send in a modeling application. 
Name: Courage
Location: Lititz, Pa
Height: 9" at the shoulder 
Weight: 8 pounds

Of course the modeling application isn't for me- but I figured after looking through hundreds of pictures of girls and guys- you might need a laugh and a couple pictures of cats (I mean, there's never a bad time to look at cat pictures).

Courage has already been featured by you guys and if you ever need a male model, hairy but adorable (he knows tricks and let's you dress him up too- bonus!) y'all can contact me haha. 
Thank you guys for all the work you do! I wouldn't be lying if said that a 1/3 of my wardrobe is walk in love. Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for you guys :)

Ps. Super stoked about the VRSLY app!
Megan x

C'mon! Have you ever seen a cuter application?! Megan had our entire team cracking up and we just had to get her and Courage into the studio! We emailed her back and she enthusiastically agreed to come in! I would be lying if I said we weren't counting down the days. Megan, her mom, and courage came in Monday morning (best Monday ever!) we had so much fun getting to know them and, of course, photographing Courage! We can't thank you enough for making our day, Megan! 



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